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Perfecto Glass Jewlery by Bryce Tippner


About Us


We are Bryce & Paola Tippner, the husband and wife team behind Perfecto Glass Jewelry. Our mission is to design and create very unique jewelry that blends COLOR, FASHION, ART, SCIENCE and CRAFTSMANSHIP.

I was born and raised in Oregon, and Paola grew up in Bogota, Colombia where we met in 1999.  Throughout my time in college, I took to the production of functional glass art to support myself, and after 6 years -and two degrees in science-, I had become a proficient glass artist.

My curiosity for the intricacies of glass, my passion for science, and a fortuitous opportunity, combined with Pao’s love of design, eye for fashion and her background in business management, led us to the creation of Perfecto Glass jewelry which we founded in 2003.

We started selling our jewelry to a few galleries and boutiques around the Pacific Northwest, and along the way we met amazing individuals and organizations who showed us the ways of the artisan wholesale industry.  We participated in numerous  trade-shows such as the NY Gift show at the Javitz Center, BMAC (The Rosen Show), America's Mart Atlanta, ACRE, and more, and today we can humbly and proudly say that our pieces have been sold in hundreds of galleries, museum shops, boutiques and online stores, all around the US, as well as a few others in the UK and Canada.

Our dream was to have Pao hit pause on her corporate life so she could join me full-time in growing the business and have more time to share as a family.  We were able to do so in 2016 when we took a massive leap of faith and moved with our then 8-year- old, and 8-month- old, to Medellin, Colombia… We currently split our time between Colombia and Oregon.  Life is good.

I sincerely appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy our creations as much
as we did making them for you.

With Gratitude,



The jewelry is made using one of the strongest and highest quality types of glass. Each piece is individually hand-made by me in a stationary torch at our home-studio. Then, color is applied to the back of each piece so as light enters from the front and movement is added, the effect known as refraction occurs. It is this amazing dance between light and color, that inspire us (We💛science).