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Perfecto Glass Jewlery by Bryce Tippner


Cremation Memorial Collection

The Cremation Memorial Necklace is a wearable keepsake of a loved one who will always be remembered.
Select your Favorite Style

Once your order is placed a Remembrance Collection Kit will be sent out to you

We'll Mail you a Kit

The kit will include easy to follow instructions along with a postage paid, return envelope.

Collect Some of their Ashes

Due to our unique production process a very small quantity of ashes, a teaspoon, is needed.

Get a Piece to Remember them

Any remaining ashes will be returned with the completed keepsake.


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For Pets

For People

How it Began

"Oso was truly our first child, and we will always love and cherish his so. Pao and I raised him from 6 weeks old till his passing at age 13. Over these years Oso was a part of our marriage, camping trips, the birth of our two two-legged sons, and everything in between that makes up an active life.

It has been heartwarming to “work with him” and use Oso’s ashes as our Cremation examples. Even after his passing he continues to help us out and be there for us."
- Bryce Tippner

Just Pick Which Piece You'd Like to Remember them With