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Perfecto Glass Jewlery by Bryce Tippner


Dearly Departed Commemorative Glass Jewelry

Losing a loved one is never easy. We sometimes crave a moment with them, to celebrate a big win in our lives, or to have a shoulder to rest on when things get tough. They may be no longer with us, but their memory can still burn bright in your heart.

To help you keep them close to heart, we've created our Memorial Collection, a little piece of them will always be with you in the shape of a custom made necklace with their ashes embedded in the glass.

A Token of your Love.

"When my dear Mum died, I spread her ashes as she had requested at Point
Holmes, BC Canada. Unbeknown to me my darling husband had kept a small vial
of her ashes. He sent them to his son Bryce Tippner of Perfecto Glass to have
them put into a custom made necklace so I could have a remembrance of her. My
husband chose one of my most favorite colors, here it is. I so love it as it catches
the light. My Mum is with me always"

Have a Piece to Remember them.

If you'd like to have a keepsake to remember a loved one. All you need to do is order a piece from our Memorial Collection

The Cremation Memorial Necklace is a wearable keepsake of a loved one who will always be remembered.

  • This Collection is handcrafted out of glass using the technique known as Lampworking.

  • Cremated ashes are infused on the glass in various shapes.

  • The pendant hangs on an 18" Sterling silver flat cable chain. 

  • All necklaces come with a 2" Sterling Silver extender, to adjust up to 20", and a Sterling Silver clasp.

  • This necklace comes in a beautiful organza bag along with an artist card and a small anti-tarnish strip.

  • Please note, the creation of your keepsake is entirely shaped and created by hand and will therefore have some variation in form from the pictures presented.

  • Once the collection kit is received by us, the creation time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Keepsake Cremated Ashes Collection Process.

Just pick which style of jewelry will suit their memory best and order it from our online store, after that:

  1. Once your order is placed a Remembrance Collection Kit will be sent out to you.

  2. The kit will include easy to follow instructions along with a postage paid, return envelope.

  3. Due to our unique production process a very small quantity of ashes, a teaspoon, is needed.

  4. Any remaining ashes will be returned with the completed keepsake.